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The Computational Evolutionary Biology Group at SCS

Recent advances in gene sequencing technologies have made it possible to determine the DNA sequences for entire genomes, and much of modern biology is devoted to understanding how information at the level of the gene codes for physical traits. The field of bioinformatics seeks to provide a quantitative framework for understanding how genomic sequences and their variation affect organismal phenotypes. The School of Computational Science at FSU has taken a leading role in the establishment of a closely related discipline that develops and uses state-of-the-art computational techniques to answer fundamental questions about the current diversity of life on earth has evolved. The Computational Evolutionary Biology (CEB) group was assembled by hiring a group of leading researchers in this area to work in a highly collaborative, team-oriented, environment. These workers make basic contributions in the theory and methodology of inferring evolutionary trees and population processes. Moreover, they are committed to transferring the technology they produce to the general biological community in the form of powerful and easily usable software -- in fact, a large proportion of the evolutionary trees constructed by biologists today are computed using computer programs developed by CEB members.