Phylogenetics of Ceraphronoidea, Cynipoidea, and Proctotrupoidea

Fredrik Ronquist

Fredrik maintains an interest in the higher-level systematics of all Hymenoptera.

Matt Buffington

Matt's main interest is in the phylogenetics of Cynipoidea, but he will contribute to our research on Proctotrupoidea as well.

Andy Deans

Andy will focus most of his efforts on developing a morphological data matrix and images for Ceraphronoidea and Proctotrupoidea.

Debra Murray

Debra's efforts are focused on obtaining sequence data for these taxa.

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This project is funded by the National Science Foundation as part of Assembling the Tree of Life Project EF-0337220, Building the Hymenopteran Tree of Life (a.k.a. HymAToL).Website questions/problems/corrections: