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The common theme in our lab is the study of evolution and biodiversity. We develop software and databases for evolutionary biologists but we also conduct phylogenetic and biodiversity research on real organisms.


Several of us study the phylogeny and systematics of the Hymenoptera (bees, ants and wasps). We utilize both morphological characters and molecular sequence data, and apply our phylogenetic results to studies of host shifting, biogeography, and conservation biology.

The computational research is centered on Bayesian statistical methods for phylogenetic inference but we also have an interest in methods for studying coevolution and biogeography. A growing team is developing an open web repository for images documenting comparative morphology and biodiversity research (MorphBank), a GenBank for morphological data if you wish.

About half the current lab members have backgrounds in computer science and the other half are biologists by training. We also collaborate with information scientists, mathematicians, and statisticians. It's an exciting interdisciplinary environment that we would like to share with you. Come visit us or join us!