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12/23/2005MrBayes version 3.1.2 is released.

We are very happy to announce the 3.1.2 release of MrBayes. It can be characterized as a maintenance release. We have looked at all bug reports submitted to according to the instructions on the mrbayes web site and we have fixed all problems we have been able to replicate.

09/23/2005Morphbank project awarded $2.25M NSF grant.

An interdisciplinary FSU team, coordinated by SCS professor Fredrik Ronquist, has received a $2.25 million NSF grant to develop MorphBank. The team includes faculty at SCS, at the Departments of Biological Science, Mathematics, and Computer Science, and at the School of Information. Mr. David Gaitros has been hired as project manager, and additional group members will be recruited during fall. MorphBank is a web image database of biological images, used for comparative studies of animals and plants.

05/17/2005MrBayes version 3.1 is released.

On April 17, a new version of MrBayes was released. MrBayes, a program for the Bayesian estimation of phylogeny, is a collaboration between Fredrik Ronquist and Paul van der Mark of the School of Computational Science, John Huelsenbeck (Univ. Calif., San Diego), Bret Larget (Univ. Wisconsin, Madison), and Donald Simon (Duquesne University). Bayesian inference of phylogeny has many applications, including reconstruction of biological evolution, identification of disease agents, and comparison of languages, to name a few. The new release adds signficant new features to a popular package. The program web site received almost 9,000 hits the day after the release.

04/29/2005The website is put online.