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Research Assistants

[Image of Neelima Jammigumpula]

Neelima Jammigumpula

Office:449 DSL
Telephone:(850) 644-6217
Web page:
Neelima is intersted in developing Bioinformatics tools and applications, biological databases that help researchers to better their research. She got her Masters in Bioinformatics from Georgia Institute of Technology. She started working on MorphBank project in March 2004 by maintaining and developing software for the project. Currently, she is developing an Image client that will help researchers to better utilize MorphBank.
[Image of Katja Seltmann]

Katja Seltmann

Office:422G DSL
Katja received her Masters in Entomology from the University of Kentucky studying Hymenoptera systematics, with a focus in informatics. Her primary interests are in using art and new media in Entomology for education and biodiversity studies, facilitation of collaboration in large projects and key for identification. She is working for MorphBank to help facilitate upload of image collections and provide input as a biologist.

Graduate Students

[Image of Mattias Forshage]

Mattias Forshage

Mattias Forshage is working toward his Ph.D. in Uppsala, Sweden, and travels extensively to museums and field sites as part of his studies. His dissertation research is centered on the taxonomy and phylogeny of Eucoilinae, a poorly known group of parasitic wasps (Hymenoptera: Figitidae). Other research interests of his includes dung beetle phylogeny, taxonomy, ecology and faunistics, and other areas of entomological systematics and conservation.
[Image of Clemens Lakner]

Clemens Lakner

Office:150-J DSL
Telephone:(850) 645-0302
Web page:
I am a PhD student and I am interested in phylogenetics - particularly in Bayesian methods - and models of protein evolution based on structural properties. With Fredrik I am currently evaluating topology update mechanisms for Bayesian MCMC.

Undergraduate Students

[Image of Rebecca Wetherby]

Rebecca Wetherby

Web page:
I am working this summer as a molecular systematic research assistant for the Ronquist Lab. I am currently an undergraduate marine biology major and plan to pursue my PhD. I am most interested in marine bioacoustics and the behavioral ecology and sensory biology of sharks and fishes.

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